Catalina Garreton - Avocado painting
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Guactacular (Art!)

I am SO excited and honored to be a part of Nachos NY’s Guactacular 2013–the most fabulous guacamole competition and event for foodies and guacamole enthusiasts alike. Guactacular will be taking place on Cinco de Mayo (this Sunday, May 5) at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. You can still get your tickets here!

Although I can only attend in spirit (I will be at home making my own batch of guac….siiiigh) my heart AKA prints of my artwork(!) will be in attendance. Signed, matted prints of my ‘Ode to Avocado’ artwork will be awarded to the grand prize winners of the competition. Because let’s be honest, the very best guacamole makers deserve the very best in life. Clearly.

If you don’t know the talent behind Nachos NY, you should. These guys are the ultimate nachos connoisseurs and enthusiasts (their book just came out!) and I am dreaming of the day that Guactacular goes bi-coastal. I had so much fun collaborating with Lee on these prints!

Check out event details here:


And a sneak peek at the awards!

Catalina Garreton - Avocado painting

“Avocados are Miracles: Guactacular 2013”.  Matted, signed and ready to go!

Garreton - Avocado painting

A tiny avocado ribbon as the finishing touch…Voila!

Garreton - Avocado painting

Feeling (Guactacularly) inspired, I also just launched AvoCata Kitchen– fab home accessories via CafePress.
Plates, cutting boards, and coasters, oh my!

AvoCata Kitchen Avocado Cocktail Plate

And in conclusion, a shout out to my very favorite Nachos establishment here in SF, Nick’s Crispy Tacos!


For the love of guac!



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